Circus Crimes Game

Circus CrimesCircus Crimes Game: Some people may say that working in a circus is the easiest job ever since every day is full of fun. While other people go at work every day in some formal atmosphere, rushing all the time and serving to the principles of the capitalism. People in circus are always ‘smiling’ without having any ‘real’ responsibility. But if we look just little bit under the surface, the perfect functioning of the circus asks for much, much more!

Have you ever counted how many artists are there is the circus? Not to mention the animals. And what about all those tents, the trucks, and the numerous parts of the equipment. And what about the trainings?! Everyone in the circus should be in a perfect shape and someone should supervise all those things. It seems that the circus works same as every big company. Zoe works as a performer but also as a manager of the circus. She does her best to make everything function perfect. And lately she has noticed that some of the necessary objects, needed for the show. She decides to find the thief, with of two of her colleagues. So enjoy and have fun in playing Circus Crimes Game.

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