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Case of Revenge Case of Revenge. By definition no one should be obsessed by revenge because negative feelings inside us, lead to something worse but we are all humans and in most of the cases we can’t stay away from our emotions, even if we like to do that. Sometimes we are not capable of doing anything to bring peace to ourselves after we have experienced something unpleasant or after something that has happen to our close ones but who knows how it would be if we were on the side of the justice. Are professionals like policemen and judges capable of keeping their emotions for themselves when it comes to difficult situations like those?!

In the following game we will meet Emily and Kevin. Those guys are one of the best detectives in the town. They are always punctual, always at the right place, at the right time, always running to solve the case and bring the justice as soon as possible. This time Emily and Kevin work on solving one specific case. This special case is related to the early retirement of one of their colleagues who is also a good friend to them. Actually, their colleague Harold was working on a regular case, one year ago. It wasn’t something specific – he should arrest the leader of a small criminal gang that was doing some small robberies in the town. In one moment, someone has shot Harold and has remained invalid since then and that was the reason for his early retirement.

The actual case that is now lead by Emily and Kevin is related to Harold’s case and they believe that they could get revenge for their friend and put behind bars the man that has ruined Harold’s career. They have to admit that is a very emotional case for them, they are not allowed to mix private and professional but they are prepared to do everything they can, to solve the case.

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