Caribbean Crime Game

Caribbean CrimeCaribbean Crime. Fighting for what is yours is maybe the basic human right. That is an inner voice that tells you that you don’t want to give up the fight when you want to achieve or have something. That way people show that we can be strong persons or those who simply don’t care and let things go. In todays’ society, when you feel some injustice, you try to get it with the help of the law. Lawers can help you, they will take a lot of money from you, but if you win the case and the justice will come around, you will forget everything. Now, if you have a very good lawyer he can even win your case even if you are not the right owner of some property.

With problems of this kind our heroes of the day are dealing. Nicole and Edgar are brother and sister. Until few weeks ago, they knew that they were succesors of their grand fathers’ hotel which was placed on the Caribeans. They were so happy to find out that they actually will have the chance to have their dreams come true. But, for the story to get another ending and to be more exciting, some new documents have appeared. And since the documents were signed by the local mafia boss, than you already know that there will be trouble.

Nicole and Edgar need strong evidents that the hotel belongs to them. Trying to make it secretly. They arrive at the place to see their relatives and start private investigation. And, if you have the money and the influence, and even if you are not right, you might win. But, still the fight should not end. Let’s help Nicole and Edgar return their Caribbean hotel!

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