Bridesmaids Game

Bridesmaids Bridesmaids. Hmbeautiful wedding, its probably every girls dream! Girls imagine themselves in glittering white dress since they know about themselves. And perhaps its not so much about being married, its more about the dress, the impeccable hairstyle and make up, the glamorous party, the attention. This is the day when every girl has the chance to become a princess, just like in the fairy tales.

And till the day of their own wedding and the moment of being a bride, girls enjoy being bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are those girls who stand by the bride and they are members of the brides wedding party in a wedding. The bride chooses her bridesmaids, and their number depends of the brides preferences, the size of her family, and the number of attendants in general.

Except that bridesmaids are all dressed up same at the party, they have certain responsibilities at the wedding. They play a role in planning wedding-related events. Such as a bridal shower or bachelorette party, and also assist the bride with planning the wedding and on the day of the wedding. Probably their role is the closest to the role of a bride. Its point and click type of a game. You may choose where to go first, in the shoe shop, the shop for dresses or the bouquet shop, and then you have to find the required items. Look really careful and detect all the hidden items, once you find some of them, click it. Good luck!

Bridesmaids is a free online hidden game on Hidden4Fun.

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