Welcome to Serenity Game

Welcome to SerenityWelcome to Serenity. Serenity is one of the best spa centers in the country. Organized groups of women and men come to visit the center. Our player is an assistant manager in the center. A big group has just left the center and another one is expected for tomorrow. The center and guest rooms should get cleaned and brought into perfect condition for new guests. A team of cleaners works with our player.

He has to help them for the rooms to be clean as soon as possible and to be ready for the new guests. The assistant takes of the used bedding, lets some fresh air in the rooms, brush the dust, checks up the hygiene, orders fresh flowers in different colors for each room, so guests would be satisfied with the ambient. It is his pleasure to assure guests the best stay in the hotel, because his career in the spa depends on his efforts. Help him get everything right.

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