Weekend in France Game

Weekend in France Weekend in France. Whether you prefer the city of the light, the capital Paris with all its’ history and beauty, or you like the small towns by the Azur seaside, like Cannes or lovely Nice. You will find admiration in no matter what part of the country you want to go. Paris is the synonym of one of the most romantic cities in the world and always among the three cities with the most tourists ever.

Weekend in France. Curious tourists from few US countries this weekend are looking forward to meet up with the French culture. This is their first contact with this European country. Experienced touristic guides Jessica and Fred are with them. Their task is to take the tourists at the most interesting and lovelies places that this beautiful country has. Our player is in the role of assistant guide and he has to pay attention to all the demands and wishes that the tourists will have. One of his basic task would be to find all the objects they would want to buy as souvenirs from this country. And, France, especially has what to offer on this issue – the Tour of Eiffel, Notre Dame de Paris, Mona Lisa and lot’s more are world known icons for this country. We hope we are not giving you a bad time today.

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