Trading Routes Game

Trading Routes Trading Routes. Meet Bill Stoneshanks. He is a very interesting man who is native in the small American community. Bill has moved there back in 1983 and just when he stepped there, he saw a real potential in the place, a great opportunity for trading goods and objects.

Other people may notice things like that but sometimes they don’t have enough courage to take the first step, but that is not the case with Bill who has strongly decided that today is the day when he will start earning with trading. The risks are quite bit but also the chances for getting something more are quite real so let’s help this man fulfill his dreams.

It is about a regular hidden object game, with not that regular plot, but that doesn’t mean that it would be a trouble for you. Maybe you don’t have any experience in trading and investing but the game will lead you through the plot, step by step, so we are sure that everything will turn right, for you and for Mr. Bill Stoneshanks as well.

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