The Wandering Galleon Game

The Wandering GalleonThe Wandering Galleon. Let’s take part in one pirate story and see what could happen if we get in touch with those heroes, or maybe anti-heroes, that crusade through the seas. First meet Constantina. This young girl is a daughter the old captain Broderick. All his life captain Broderick was cruising with his boat named ‘Wandering Galleon’ but because they felt into deep depths, they have to sell the boat. The old captain, when he was at the deathbed, left a pledge to his daughter, to bring back the boat under any circumstances, doing everything she can.
This might look like a very challenging quest but Condtantina will definitely do everything for her father’s will so she is prepared to go as far as it’s needed. This would be Comstantina’s biggest adventure yet. Somehow she will have to gather enough money to buy the boat but that boat is not cheap at all. Looking for a way to earn so much money, Constantina has decided to take one risky step that should bring her enough money. The girl has decided to join a group of pirates, treasure hunters.
She doesn’t know much about them but she believes that she will manage to deal with the situation. The risk to be even bigger, Constantina likes to cooperate with those treasure hunters and to steal their treasure. They steal from others, so now she sill steal from them, not a big deal, she thought. Let’s see if this brave girl will manage to fulfill her father’s will and bring back the ‘Wandering Galleon.’

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