Cruise Adventures Game

Cruise Adventures Cruise Adventures. In today’s game we are introducing you Sally, exactly such kind of person – she loves cruising and she is very brave person. Sally has always dreamt to leave on some huge cruise with luxury ship. This year her dream will come true, she leaves on a cruise on Bahamas Islands.

Everything is wonderful, like in a dream and all of a sudden, the captain calls the voyagers that a huge thunder is coming and that they must change their route to save the heads. Sally is been chosen by the crew to be the leader for certain group travelers if the unwanted disaster would happen. She has to collect all the personal stuffs of the people so they would be ready for evacuation if the storm change the direction of the boat. So, get ready for a new adventure, this time on an open sea. Good luck!

Cruise Adventures is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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