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Cruise AdventuresCruise Adventures. Cruising the world is a very nice hobby. If you can afford it, off course. It is one of the most expensive pleasures for relaxation and seeing the world in a different perspective. You get to see more countries in one trip, have a kind service all around you, and that is off course if you can stand to travel in a boat for few weeks. And being out there on open sea isn’t simple thing. The nature has its’ rules and if the crew especially the captain doesn’t follow them, a big problem might occur and the biggest – human lives can be endangered. Storms, sea forces and many other appearances might surprise the voyagers. Then, it is very important to mobilize adequately and act mildly, and off course, as the captain would order for the good sake of everyone.

When some problem happens during the trip, the bravest of all take over actions, they take care for others not to panic and give them directions. Very often, when a storm is announced, the captain is bind to change the cruise direction. In todays’ game we are introducing you Sally, exactly such kind of person – she loves cruising and she is very brave person. Sally has always dreamt to leave on some huge cruise with luxury ship. This year her dream will come true, she leaves on a cruise on Bahamas Islands.

Everything is wonderful, like in a dream and all of a sudden, the captain calls the voyagers that a huge thunder is coming and that they must change their route to save the heads. Sally is been chosen by the crew to be the leader for certain group travelers if the unwanted disaster would happen. She has to collect all the personal stuffs of the people so they would be ready for evacuation if the storm change the direction of the boat. So, get ready for a new adventure, this time on an open sea. Good luck!

Cruise Adventures is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.