The True Heir

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The True HeirThe True Heir. The urge for power and authority has moved many segments of people’s living. It was a reason for numerous battles, numerous disagreements on a local and global level… It seems that people were always hungry for that safe place. That guarantees fortune and the battles for the royal throne were always actual on one way or another, full with intrigues and conspiracies…

The capital Gormsey, in the Kingdom of Brovaria, is preparing for choosing a new heir. This is really responsible job because this man will rule with the whole kingdom, actually with all people that live in that area. Their lives and fortune depend on the acts of the chosen man, or let’s say freely – their luck. That’s why the citizens of Gormsey were that surprised and disappointed. When they hear rumors that a certain man would be the new heir of the King. That wasn’t a man known for his noble blood. Wasn’t a man known for his noble acts, and that’s why everyone suspected that it is about a simple conspiracy. Or maybe not that simple conspiracy because suddenly everything started to point at him, as he might really be the legal heir.

Realizing that their situation can’t become better. The citizens of the capital Gormsey in the Kingdom of Brovaria, decided to take the responsibility in their own hands and look for a way to stop that man of taking over the throne.

The True Heir is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.