The Lost Tourist Game

The Lost Tourist The Lost Tourist. The Walker’s summer house is positioned in a quiet place, far away from the city noise and civilization. That was actually the idea of having this kind of a place – to be a place where they could take rest and fill their batteries. Also it was a rather safe place, without records of robberies or criminal acts in the near surrounding so it all sound as a great place to spend the summer days relaxing, something that everyone dreams of.

However, one day happens something really unexpected in the Walker’s summer house – a housebreaking. The Walker’s are truly surprised and scared by this happening so that’s why they are calling the police, to explore the whole case and give them answer who is responsible for the unpleasant happening.

The police arrive at the place in late night hours. They start the investigation right away because in those cases there is no time for wasting, the criminal should be found as soon as possible. They search the whole house looking for some evidences that will help them clear up the case and the thing that they will find out will surprise them all. Namely, one tourist has lost himself in the surroundings of the Walker’s house.

He was so confused and he didn’t know what to do and the fact that it was getting later and darker, made him freak out of scare. This house was the only safe place around so he has decided to do something that he wouldn’t do in any other case – to break into the house and stay overnight. Soon they found a note with explanation and apology and since nothing was missing, it was clear that the robbery was an unwanted act of the scared tourist.

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