The Lost Ring Game

The Lost Ring The Lost Ring. Oh well, we are all like that, someone more, someone less – we all are capable of losing things. Even if we are in the group of most responsible persons, sometimes things could simply disappear; nothing serious just a single moment of distraction and the object is gone…

A married couple lives in an apartment where one mysterious thing has happened. Namely the engagement ring has simply disappeared our of the wife’s finger. She is completely sure that it is not about a robbery but the ring has fallen out of her finger while she was doing something in the house. She has to search the whole apartment in order to find that ring because it was quite precious, mostly because of its sentimental value. It would be good if you could also help her find the ring since this apartment has few rooms that need to be searched and that is a lot of work.

Each level of the game is a different part of the apartment and you could pass that level only by finding all the items that are hiding there. Manage to pass all levels and see where that ring is hiding; it will make this girl very happy.

The Lost Ring is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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