The Flower Seeker Game

The Flower Seeker The Flower Seeker. Unfortunately, with the development of the modern technologies people have put an end of many things that were there in the nature, including plants and animals. That’s why we hear all the time about some endangered species or plants that has become rare and it is very hard to find them in their natural surroundings. It is like that with the panda for example, you probably know that case, but how we will stay away from animals and we will concentrate on flowers.

So you have your mouse and that is enough for this game, or you could choose to play using the touchpad from the laptop. The instructions are simple you spot a flower and you simply point it with the mouse and you click using the left mouse button. If you are using the touchpad, again is the same you point at the flower with your finger and you simply tap on the touchpad to select it.

Play The Flower Seeker Game