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The First Date


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The First DateThe First Date. We believe that nobody forgets the first date or the first kiss. Those are memories that can only fade a bit, but never been forgotten. And why? Because, they simply are the special moments in our lives and they usually happen when we are pretty young, in the teenage period when we are full with emotions, with energy, with questions for life and a lot of dilemmas. Everything seems very serious when you are sixteen. Like, if your first boyfriend breaks up with you, you feel like the left alone and especially for girls, the feeling that who knows if you ever find a boyfriend, appears easily. And, when the teenage years are behind, you realize that it was so stupid that you ever bothered with such issues, like if the boy you like ever looked at you, or maybe said hi to you or even worse, if he likes your best friend more than you.

Evelyn and Nick are friends for long time. They know each other since high school and have always been dear to each other. They are pretty shy people that don’t show the emotions easily, but their close friends always thought that they are so similar and that they would be a perfect match for each other. They would send each other some secret signs until one day Nick was determined to take over things in his hands. His plan is to invite Evelyn on a romantic date. As her very good friend, he knows what Evelyn really likes and detests. That’s why, for him it is not a big deal to prepare a romantic dinner for her.

Very often things and people we like are close to our side, but we are pretty blind to notice that. If you don’t look better and keep yourself blind, you might miss to have the love of your life next to you. So try to help Nick so that wouldn’t happen to him. Good luck!