The Family Gemstore Game

The Family Gemstore The Family Gemstore. Stealing is such a treadmill! Those people seem that can’t understand that sometimes is more than money, some things are simply priceless and nothing in the world could come as an exchange of their value. For example, there are some things that stay in the family for ages, objects or goods that are given from generation to generation and their value is much more sentimental than financial and when some impudent thief steals those objects he actually makes irreparable damage.

This is what actually happened to the Bennett family, they are one of those that are witnesses of a terrible robbery. They have been robbed exactly two hours ago, so they are still confused about what happened. Soon after the robbery, they realized that the burglar stole their Family Gemstone that has been in their property for over five centuries!

That’s quite lot time, so imagine how important this gemstone was for the family, but it is also a very valuable item! We are at the place of the crime, and we have a task to find out what has actually happened there. We should look carefully for the clues that might lead us to solving of the case and after that, the next thing we should do is to recreate the path where the burglar might went and search for clues that can lead us to him. That would be really important for continuing the search. It seems that the burglar went through the back entrance from the house… Let’s check it out.

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