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Secret ArtifactsSecret Artifacts. Museums very often are places that burglars and thefts adore to ‘visit’. But, they want to visit them not on the front door and not in working hours and especially not when the security is around. Almost all museums and galleries are places where important piece of arts are kept and exposed and that is quiet a lure for criminals. But, whoever usurps that will achieve to get out of those institutions without being caught and without punishment, usually ends in a dark place, for a long time. History, as well, remarks that there are very successful ‘operations’ when theft are being performed on a perfect way that no one can solve those puzzles, not even the biggest detectives and investigators.

The biggest museum heists in the last hundred years have happened in museums in: United States of America (Isabella Steward Gardner museum), the Stockholm Museum, The Kunsthal Museum in Netherlands, National museum of anthropology in Mexico. As well as the most popular museum in the world – the home of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ – the Louvre. Maybe that painting has one of the most interesting stealing stories. When in 1911, an Italian guy that actually has put the protective glass over the painting, stole the picture and, because that was the most popular piece of art ever, when he tried to sell it, he was cаught by the police right away.

Secret Artifacts. Debra is a private detective. She is being hired by the City Museum to explore the case of missing artifacts. Debra starts her investigation, she connects to local artifact dealers and finds the trace of the missing artifacts. She finds the place where they were hidden. Her task is to take as much as possible artifacts that she would use as a prove so she could leave this place safely.