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The Brave Queen

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The Brave QueenThe Brave Queen. When you are ruling a kingdom, a state, it is pretty normal to have a lot of enemies, or people that would love to give you hard time. If one is a good strategist and leader, would surely know how to deal with all the provocations of conflict kinds. Women are usually rarely leading a country, a kingdom, but when they do it, believe, they are really strong and determined to be the best, to fight for its’ people and to stay as longer possible on the throne. No matter what the conflict is about, if the two leaders are clever enough and have learned the skills of conversation and negotiation, than, there would be no problem for them to solve.

The Brave Queen. Queen Antonia holds the throne for few years. She proved to be very brave and severe queen that is ready to do anything to protect her people from the enemies. Antonia’s kingdom is in big verbal conflict with the kingdom of the notorious king Richard. Antonia tried lots of times to meet with Richard in a four-eyed meeting, but that idea was never a success. King Richard is knows as an extremely stubborn man and one that doesn’t forgive easily when someone gives him hard time. But, whatever the reason is, they will have to meet each other because this conflict might turn into a war.

And, even in the modern society the best thing is to sit on a common table and talk to each other, talk to solve any problem before it becomes bigger conflict that might turn into war or battle. Then, the means one would use to solve that situation are going to be much heavier and with bigger consequences. Seeing that their conflict is standing in the same spot with ears, Queen Antonia decides to lurk into king Richard’s rooms and personally, eye to eye to resolve their misunderstanding.