Romantic Escapade

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Romantic EscapadeRomantic Escapade. Love, love, love, perhaps the only thing in life that could make us do everything! The thing that motivates us to conquer the highest mountain, to walk miles and miles, to act crazy… just to get to the heart of our beloved one. That’s how Stephen feels at this moment, or let’s say he felt that way for many years, just that this time he decided to announce it. He has been deeply in love with Monica for many years. Actually he knows her for a very long time so he knows literary everything about her and he is assured that Monica is his soul mate.

Stephen invites Monica on a romantic weekend in a wonderful resort, known as ‘Paradise Stream.’ It is a special place, a lovely place that Monica will definitely like to visit, and there Stephen will announce his love, as romantic as he knows.

Even though, according to Stephen, Monica is his soul mate, he has to be prepared for the great happening and that’s why he would need your help. Just before Monica arrives at the resort, both of you will have to find all the objects that Stephen needs, that he plans to give to Monica and make sure that this weekend is perfect.

Romantic Escapade is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.