Pet Foster

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Pet FosterPet Foster. Humans are the dominant species on the Earth. We are not bigger than her nature, and when we overreact or act as if we are forgetting how strong she is, she always strikes back. The fact that we are superior and given the intelligence does not mean that we should neglect other species and sorts. Since the beginning of humankind, people lived together with animals and plants. Throughout the history and still today, we use them in our agricultural needs as a tool, but in times, we learned how to love them and take care of them.

Pet Foster. That’s how, animals became our friends, our pats. We keep them at home, feed them, we give them love, we teach our children how to take care of them. Unfortunately, as there are homelessness people on the streets of big cities, there are cats, dogs, out there on the streets, left all alone. They simply didn’t have the luck to become someone’s pets.For such bad examples, sometimes there are heroes that do their best to make their lives better. Those kinds of people simply don’t want to see animals hungry and in bad condition.

Jennifer is owner of the first pets adopting center in her town. She loves animals and simply couldn’t stand anymore and watch animals unsheltered on the street. She takes care of the street animals in her center until the moment when their new owner comes around. This is not an easy work to do. Animals have big needs, just like small children. That’s why Jennifer needs the help of our player in the adequate care of the animals. Your task for today is to find the right objects for the certain kind of animal. They will be used for the catering for that certain animal.