Lost Items

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Game Details

Lost ItemsLost Items. Trains never stop! They go from one place to another relating people and goods, making the distances smaller and reachable. Invented in the 16 century in some primitive form, while the first public, passenger-carrying railway was opened in 1825 between Stockton and Darlington in north-east England and this story continues until today, now modern and developed.

Today’s game takes place in one railway station. Every day numerous people pass through this place, catching their trains to somewhere. And during that rush, the passengers often happen to lose their baggage, in the train or in the station. On this railway station the stuff gets frequent complaints from the passengers whose baggage has never been found. They have left it somewhere, or lost it in the trains but they didn’t manage to bring it back.

The railway station stuff has decided to hire a private detective that could help them bring the trust back to their costumers and make them feel comfortable and safe during their ride. Once again you will be included in the searching part of the game, helping this detective find the missing objects. The game is consisted of 5 levels and in each level there are 10 hidden items that need to be found. You have to find all of them, in order to move into the next level and complete the game.

Lost Items is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.