Lost in the Forest Game

Lost in the Forest Lost in the Forest. David is known adventurer that always likes to discover something new and unusual. He has traveled all around the world so many times, in order to see things that are undiscovered by anyone and continues with additional research so he could learn something more about that place or event.

There have been some rumors about certain unknown civilization living in the region of the Black Forest. This is an interesting region that to certain part is visited and well known by people but also there are some places that are never seen by human eye. This is true just to certain extent since as mentioned above, there are some claims about unknown civilization in those regions.

David has decided to visit exactly the Black Forest this time, and discover what is hiding behind those stories. He heads to the forest with his terrain vehicle but suddenly something unexpected happen – his vehicle breaks down! It is about pretty strong vehicle, he has passed many kilometers with it and never happened something like this but now…. David is forced to continue his journey walking because there is no chance to find someone many kilometers from him. He is in a situation like this for a first time since he doesn’t have any help at all, and the chances to get some are quite small. He needs to use his knowledge and instincts to get out from the dense forest because he seems totally lost at this point.

Lost in the Forest is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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