Lost and Found 2 Game

Lost and Found 2 Lost and Found 2. Everyone wants to live in tidy and organize home, but not everyone has time to keep the things in order. Sometimes when we are in hurry, we leave the room messy and out of order. In this kind of messy situation, its really hard to find the objects you are looking for, especially if they are small and colorless. Are you prepared for searching hidden objects? If you are, you can press play on the game and try to pass all the levels one by one. Select the first level, which is the first room in the house. Try to spot all the items that are listed on the bottom side. When you notice certain hidden item, just aim with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button. The next moment that item will disappear from the screen and the bottom-side list. This means that you can continue with searching the rest of the hidden items. In case you have difficulty with finding certain item, you can use the hint system of the game.

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