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Legend of Two HeartsLegend of Two Hearts. Is there a story more romantic and lovelier than those when knights and princesses fall in love? The knight is prepared to give his heart to a beautiful lady, just to conquer her attention. And the princess herself, at first is shy and doesn’t want to admit that her heart is bumping for him, or that butterflies are all over the stomach. And then, in stories, there always have to be rivals and opposite warriors or knights that also want to have the hand of the same princess. And off course, the better and the stronger will win over that beautiful ladies’ heart. The end always goes, they lived happily ever after.

Legend of Two Hearts. Our today’s player is more or less the Knight Lambert. He arrives from a very faraway land in the Kingdom of Adoilla. He has been hosted and welcomed from his friends knights and is accepted as their real brother. But, Lambert fell in love with Gvandola, the daughter of the oldest knight named Arthur. Lambert knows that he should do some heroic action to win over Gvandola’s heart. And off course, his beauty and courage isn’t enough, he should do something bigger to achieve his goal, and that it is to take Gvandola’s hand and take her in his Kingdom.

He decides that that historical act should be the grand searching for the purple diamond, that is hidden away from the woods. Knight Lambert has been very precautions how not to lose himself into the big wild woods and to find that precious stone. The purple diamond has been kept in years by the evil King Gilbert. The fight is not going to be easy at all, but the point is very important. We are talking about a beautiful ladies’ heart, and then, no price is too big to be paid.