Hotel Cleaning Game

Hotel Cleaning Hotel Cleaning. Sally has been a chef in a cleaning company. She works this for a longer period so she knows her job well. She and her team make sure every task to be completed perfectly, taking care of every costumer. That’s why they have a lot of clients and a great reputation, spreading their business all the time. With time, Sally concentrated her business on cleaning hotels. Every task is big and requires a lot of work but they are real professionals and always finish their job on time.

In this game you will play as Sally’s employee and you will take part in her dedication. This time your task is cleaning a hotel that has been closed for a longer period of time. The owners of the hotel have been keeping it closed for a while and they like to open it again so they call Sally to clean up the place.

Now let’s see what is going on there and make sure that everything is as clean as possible, perfect for the new guests. Maybe you will have a lot of job to do but at the end the pleasure is great. Let’s don’t waste time and clean up the place.

Hotel Cleaning is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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