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Hollywood Beauty SalonHollywood Beauty Salon. It is not easy at all to become one of the most wanted stylists and hair dressers, that would take care of the style and looks of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood. The heart of the film industry in the United States is not only a dream for the actors, directors, producers, but for all the other film professionals that are involved in this industry. Maybe the stylist have the best job to do, to take care of the looks and hairs of the actors and actresses.

Off course, women are always more interesting, because of their diverse styling, various occasions. Well, it is probably interesting, but as well, might be difficult because one may have the chance to work with cranky stars who sometimes don’t know what they really want. But, once you have gained the confidence with these people, they will see you as their God and than you can do whatever you want.

Justin is a professional stylist who has moved in Hollywood, wanting to realize his life dream. In his home town he was the best stylist in years. It would take months and months to get to his appointment. And as the time went by, the small town simply became too small for him and wanted to try something new, better, bigger.

Justin has always dreamed of opening a beauty salon right here because his wish is to work with famous Hollywood stars. He is just about to prepare his studio and he needs the help of our player so the last details would be finished and his studio to start hosting his first customers. Today, we are not putting you in some mystery or adventure, you have pretty nice task, to get the salon prepared for the first customers that Justin is expecting. Be handy and help the man realize the dream of his life.

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