Dream Riddles Game

Dream Riddles Dream Riddles. There are numerous explanations about our dreams. The simplest definition explains them as a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep, but why do we dream the things that we dream, is another question that asks further research. Some psychologists relate them with our sub-consciousness, some relate them to the events that we have pass through during the day, while other consider the dreams as predictions of our future.

Sometimes our dreams could be that real, that we think that they are the reality. We wake up scared or happy because of the things that have happen to us in the dream, so we forget which reality is the actual reality. The feeling that comes from the dreams could follow us during our days. Agnes is lost in her dream. This dream is so real that from time to time she thinks that this is really happening. Because of this whole situation, Agnes is very frightened and she wishes to escape from the dream. Very soon in her dream she meets a small troll. This strange creature sets her 5 riddles and those riddles have to be answer by her if she likes to come back into the reality.

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