Family Weekend

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Family WeekendFamily Weekend. When children grow up, people seem to forget that it is really important to spend some family time together. The kids are on their side, the grownups lose interest to do something particular if the kids are not around and the bond between the family members becomes weaker and weaker – what a pity!

That’s why the family in the following game has decided to spend a weekend in the mountains. They all like to do something interesting but at the same time they want to spend some quality time together so this visit would be an excellent opportunity to achieve that. They rent a small but wonderful house in the mountains where they arrive at night. Since the house is in the mountains, it is very cold and the fireplace should be fired right away, to make a good temperature for the following day. It is very late so they do just a little check of the things that surround them, and they go to bed. Sleeping in mountain surroundings is great, so after they take a good rest; it is time for researching the whole area.

The morning comes. The whole family is feeling rest and fresh. They heads are clear and it is time to have a breakfast before they start the mountain tour. The mountain is before them, so they better start right away if the like to see more. During this, you will be also searching the amazing mountain area but also you’ll be looking for those items that are hidden there.

Family Weekend is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.