Escape from Edoras Castle Game

Escape from Edoras Castle Escape from Edoras Castle. This cute game follows the story of one great well known adventurist that is always in trouble. His idol seems to be the big Indiana Jones since he is following his steps, even the ones that will lead him into unpleasant situations. Now our character is in trouble again. Some time ago he went on a quest for some stolen artifacts. It is about very valuable objects that have been kept in one antique shop in London.

The antique shop is located on a visible place and it is secured well but those robbers seen to be real professionals since they managed to do this. Our adventurist is looking for those artifacts and during his quest he bumps into the robbers. It is not just about some local thieves but it’s about a real gang of robbers that deal with valuable artifacts. Since they see our friend as a real threat, they took him to the Edoras castle and locked him inside.

So now you see what we were talking about – our friend is in trouble again! Since he is alone in the castle at the moment, now is needed our character to find the way out of the castle, before those robber come back. Search for some clues, notice every detail of the scene and help this young man escape from the castle.

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