Curse of the Golden Coins Game

Curse of the Golden CoinsCurse of the Golden Coins Game: Karma is a very specific thing, of course if you believe in something like that. In short terms the explanation of karma is that everything happens with a reason and we are all responsible for the things that we make. If we make something bad to someone. After a certain period of time that act will possibly have an effect on us or on someone close to us. Many people believe in this even though it is not accepted as general truth…but let’s start from the beginning.

Cheryl is an expert in paranormal activities. Nicole has called her because she was simply terrified by something that happened in her house. Actually by the condition of her house. Nicole accidently has found out that her grandfather many years ago has hidden somewhere in the house golden coins with a great value. The other part of the story is that those coins are cursed. And every person that will try to take those coins will have a huge accident. Nicole has called Cheryl to help her in this strange situation.

Cheryl is a real expert in paranormal happenings. But this situation is very serious so she will do her best in order to brake this curse with the olden coins. So they could be taken from the house without any problem. Let’s play together this interesting and extraordinary adventure. You can play Curse of the Golden Coins game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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