Cooking Lessons 2 Game

Cooking Lessons 2 Cooking Lessons 2. Great artist and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci once said – the student must overcome the master! That is so logical and true. If the student doesn’t become better than the master, than how would one art, science or any knowledge become greater and greater? Olivia is a professional cooker. She has been working for twenty years as a chef in professional and more than three stars restaurant in a lot of countries. She is one of the most wanted and well paid chefs in the country.

Now, she came to the stadium where she thinks that she is ready to show off her talent to other colleagues that are younger and less experienced. Willing to realize this, Olivia decides to open a private cooking school, where she can teach the interested students her secret recipes. Today is her first day in her school ‘Learn with Olivia’. The first group of students is going to arrive in 10 minutes. Olivia has to prepare everything for the first class, get ready the space and all the cooking tools and pots on the ovens, so that the students won’t be losing time in the preparation of the class.

Though Olivia has great experience as a professional chief in the most prestigious restaurants, she doesn’t have a big experience in sharing her knowledge on a classical way in a school, with students, that’s why she feels a bit shy and she is hesitating if she makes the right step. She is trembling before the first group arrives. She has even practiced at home, in front of a mirror, what to talk, how to look like. So even the great professionals get the fuss when something new and big is happening to them. Olivia needs your help with the arrangement of the space she has. Here you can help. Be part of something big.

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