Carla’s Animal Show Game

Carlas Animal Show Carla’s Animal Show. Who loves animals in live, loves to watch TV shows and movies where animals are the main characters. Funniest animal videos are maybe the most watched video materials ever. Children fall on it, but elders fall for it easily. Have you ever asked yourself how much one should be brave to go deep into some African wood and jungle to explore the living world? The beasts that other see only in the zoos or maybe in the books and children cartoons?

For todays’ game we are introducing you such brave person. We are presenting you Carla, who is a real TV show hostess on a famous TV channel. Her shows are being shot in the wilderness and she observes the wild animals and takes care of their life conditions. As time went by, her show has become one of the most wanted shows in the countries. People have chosen it even over famous sitcoms, because she is very interesting person.

Carla’s today’s destination is specific part of the African jungle. Here she discovers a lot of animal kinds. She wants to find objects that will help her discover more about the environment where these animals live.Imagine that you really have a TV channel with your favorite show, and fearless journalist that would go everywhere for a good show, for its’ audience. You would surely want to help this special lady find what she is looking for. That is the today’s challenge for you. So, place yourself in some African remote jungle, release your imagination and most of all, have fun!

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