A Weekend for Two

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Game Details

A Weekend for TwoA Weekend for Two. Luck can be measured on many different ways as luck is to have a lot of friends, luck is to work what you love, to be at the right place at the right time, to have a nice place to live and so on, but luck is also to get a winning ticket in lottery, or in some other game of chance. There are people that play those games whole life, there are even people that go for the same numbers all the time, hoping that this particular combination will bring them luck, and some of them have that luck, but some haven’t got a penny from playing.

This married couple in our game has spent a life time on those games. Both of them are passionate players but they also believe in luck, and that’s what was leading them all those years. Finally, they become winners of a valuable and interesting price – romantic trip for two on a exotic spa center.

The place is wonderful and they would need years and years of saving to earn that trip and maybe they wouldn’t decide to spend that money on a single trip, but this way they could provide themselves this luxury, without having any doubts. The couple is really happy about the price and they are already planning what to take for the trip and what to visit first on that dream place.