Evidence Collector Game

Evidence CollectorEvidence Collector. Oh no, once again it is about a gone girl! There couldn’t be nice criminal case, that’s for sure, but missing people are really something complicated, mostly for their relatives that live in uncertainty during their missing, wondering if their dear ones are still alive… Detective Gerard is one of those persons who are doing everything they can to help those people. He is a detective and his specialties are exactly missing people.

This time it is about Carol. Few days ago, Carol’s parents have reported that Carol is missing, after they tried to reach her numerous times and waited for her to come home but that didn’t happen. At the moment detective Gerard is at the place where Carol was last seen and there is something strange on that place… It’s not about some regular traces like fingerprints or hair but it is about certain signs that could probably lead the detective to her. It seems that Carol was kidnapped and she left behind her some signs, hopefully until the final point of her kidnapping. Gerard decides to start following the signs, taking care of all possible details and clues and hoping that he will find the place where Carol is kept.

Those clues will lead detective Gerard to a piece of paper where Carol has written in details the description of the kidnappers together with their plan. This should help detective Gerard and the police catch the kidnappers as soon as they can, before something bad happens to Carol…

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