The True Story Game

The True Story The True Story. Writing novels is fiction by definition but many times writers choose true stories as a plot of their work or they take inspiration out of some story they’ve heard. That is actually very useful since a person can’t possibly have numerous ideas in his hear so each boost is welcomed, that’s for sure. The famous writer Heather is working on her new book. She has written many books and she always has something new to talk about since she is having quite dynamic life, always searching for something new.

Now Heather comes to the small village named Cabot, looking for inspiration for her new book. She has found out that this village hides big treasure from the World War II and the people that live in that village have sworn that no one will tell the secret, no matter what. Heather is not a treasure hunter but the mystery around the big treasure is making her very curious so she has decided to do everything that she can to find out the truth.

She doesn’t like the treasure but she likes to find out why exactly this village is chosen by the German soldiers as a place where they could leave the great treasure. This game has a very interesting plot but at the same time it also offers a great game play, full of surprises. It may be a regular hidden object game in the main but there are also many interesting features included like the wheel of fortune, match three game and bonus levels. Enjoy revealing the mystery around the great treasure and helping Heather invent a new story.

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