The Story of Paul Bunyan Game

The Story of Paul Bunyan The Story of Paul Bunyan. Cutting, shaping and installation of building materials during the construction of buildings, ships, timber bridges, concrete formwork, etc. – that is the main work of every carpenter in the world. And there are many good carpenters all around the world but also there is one that is definitely best in his job and everyone knows him. It is about Paul Bunyan, the wide known best carpenter in the whole world! The competition in the carpentry is definitely big so everyone is asking what is the secret of this man that manages to be everywhere on time, finishing so much job, like he has a whole army of carpenters working for him.

And that is not true, he doesn’t have a whole team, but he is working alone all his life, without any help. But it is true that Paul has a little secret… Today Paul will reveal us his secret and tell us what is hiding behind his incredible strength.

Many people are surprised by the strength of this incredible man and they are always asking him what is his secret. In his story Paul reveals us that many years ago, when he was much younger, he was helping his father when they found a magic ax in the woods. This magic ax gave him supernatural power and that power allows him to cut and collect more woods in the forest so that’s how he is in a great advantage over the other carpenters. Since he manages to collect more woods, he is also able to collect more money and be better than any other carpenter… but let’s see this story from his sight of view.

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