The Silent Town Game

The Silent Town The Silent Town Game: Norton is a very interesting place, but mostly its old part that is completely medieval. In this part it seems as the time has stopped because everything is just as it was many years before. The history would be thankful because there are numerous things that witness about something that was before. The old part of Norton was actually a place that gathered many knights in the middle ages. They lived there but something happened and suddenly they all had to leave the place. Now the place rests in incredible silence, as it is still wrapped by the knights strange destiny.

Gordon is a type of a guy that is always in a mood for great adventure. Always in a mood for discovering something new and interesting. This time he decides to visit exactly the old part of Norton. And look for more information about the destiny of the knights that lived there. He likes to find out the reason why did they leave the place many years ago and they never came back. In the old castles there could be found many interesting objects for exploring that may help in solving the great mystery about the place. So Gordon is willing to stay there as long as it’s needed just to find the wanted answers.

Maybe this is Gordon’s adventure but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take part in it and walk through the walls of the silent town and learn something more about the brave knights who lived there, possibly discovering the secret of their departure.

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