The Silence of the Village Game

The Silence of the VillageThe Silence of the Village. People tend to live in the cities thinking that there are more possibilities for life in a sense that they could realize themselves as persons more easily. The villages are usually related to manual work, often related with engaging in agriculture or trades. While people who see themselves as intellectuals. Rush in more urbanized places, trying to catch the fast spirit of the urban living, forgetting that there is something more in life than the fast cars, the crowds on the streets, numerous hours spent at work in some dark office, never having enough time for themselves…

One group of tourists has lost its way, they accidentally went astray in some small European village. They are amazed by the incredible silence that rules in this place. Making them feel as they are on another planet completely different from ours, not just in a village. No cars, no rush, no anxious people around, and numerous places in that natural environment. That could be a perfect place for finding inner peace and facing with ourselves.

The tourists decide to take a walk through this village because the architecture is incredible too. There are very old houses designed in some unique style, not typical for any other place they have seen so far. They also decide to enter into one house that seems most authentic for that part of the word, and see what is hiding there.

The Silence of the Village is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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