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The Rebel PrincessThe Rebel Princess. Injustice is the second name of the world today. Everyone who believes that we all have the same rights and chances under the sun, is mistaking deeply. So, we are facing, and not only today, but in the all eras, very rich people that can not count their money and poor and hungry people that are fighting with everyday where to find food and a shelter. And the world must be equilibrated, for someone to have a lot, there must be others what would be on the other end.Someone would say, what to do, the world is cruel and what can we do about it?

Maybe we can not do anything in the big image, we agree, but if each of us gives his/her best to diminish that difference and to try to make the other people’s day better. If we try to do a small act of humanity, give someone something today, help an old person or ill person with something, you will easily see smile and thankfulness on their faces. If nothing much, you would make one of their days better and you won’t be less richer or less happier.

The Rebel Princess. We all remember of the rebel Robyn Hood who stole things from rich people and gave it to the poor. And the man with the green leggins became their hero. Today we are representing you a female version of this character. The princess Beatrice has a rebellious character. She doesn’t agree with her father’s regime and finds that poor villagers have the right of bigger rights. Beatrice talks to part of the peasants and concludes that they are too poor and her father is weigh too rich. Beatrice decides to create thinner barrier between poor and rich people. And she finds an unusual way to achieve that. That is to say, she stills valuable objects and gives to the poor villagers so that would survive.