The Magical Relics Game

The Magical Relics The Magical Relics. Yes, we may thing that the fairies don’t have troubles in life because of their great power and magic capabilities but it is not always as in the fairytales, that’s for sure. Just remember that there are not just good fairies but also evil fairies that make troubles to the good ones, making their life harder to deal with. It was like that in the following situation as well. The bad fairies have taken some of the good fairies’ territories so now their approach there is completely forbidden. It is about their own territory but they simply can’t enter there, not for a single minute. Since that was their territory, a great part of their really important magical items are captured at that place, kept by the bad fairies, so the good fairies simply can’t function properly without those items.

Fairies are smart but in this situation they simply couldn’t find a better solution so they had to ask for some help. They’ve chosen to direct to the gnome Hereton, as a person that might do something for them and bring them back those magic relics. Hereton should enter into the forbidden territories, find the magic objects and bring them back to the fairies.

Have in mind that this game also includes anew gameplay which means that there will be different modes of searching for hidden objects – a regular one, searching objects based on their silhouettes, looking for two same items, and looking for two pieces of a same object, many bonus game and the special bonus game – Zuma… This means that you have a lot of job to do, so let’s start right away before is too late for those good fairies.

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