The Lost Scout Game

The Lost Scout The Lost Scout. Being a scout is definitely one of the most interesting hobbies, you go camping somewhere in nature, breath fresh air, meet a lot of people and you face various situations with them and so on but on the other side, have you ever thought about it as a quite demanding thing? Scouts have to be in a perfect physical condition and to know many things about the scouting in general, so they could deal with all kinds of situations and it seems that this wasn’t the strong side of our character.

The following game is actually about a young scout that goes camping in one abandoned mountain village. Village, even if it’s abandoned, could sound as a safe place, but it is not always about being safe… Our friend here gets to the place and he spends the night in his trailer. The day after, the starts with his exploring of the place but he is not aware that he doesn’t have enough knowledge to deal in open space, so he loses himself in the surroundings of the village.

He desperately needs help to find the way that leads to the river from where he could easily find the way to his trailer. You could also help this inexperienced scout to find his way back, looking for some clues that will bring him back to the right track. Take care of the details and you will detect all objects that are hiding in the picture.

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