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The Grand BazaarThe Grand Bazaar. When you are dealing with business, no matter what kind it is, you want to grow and grow and never stop. When you earn some money, you want to get some more and more, that is the normal laws in the business. Your needs are increasing and become variable and you do anything it takes to achieve them. Small businesses usually start with small assets, and if you are good enough, you will go further. But, very importantly, one needs to dream big, to achieve big. It is not very often that you can inherit some big wealth and simply don’t give a damn about where would you lead your father’s or mother’s company. But, the most intriguing stories are still those, where you start out of almost nothing, you put you energy, life and everything in it.

The Grand Bazaar. Our today’s player is an ambitious man. He has started few years ago having one stall in the big city market. Very soon, he was very popular among the customers, due to his charming aura and friendly approach to people. Today he is proud to be owner of few stalls in the big city market. He is very pleased with the fact how his business is growing, that’s why he already thinks how to spread his market in a short time. He wants to create a space where his customers would feel comfortable while they purchase products from him.

The thing is, he should sell the more the possible amounts of vegetable and fruits and with the collected money he can buy issues needed to arrange the location where his new counter is going to be. He discusses with friends of marketing what would be the best deal, how could he attract more customers and make them feel satisfied.