Suburban Garage Sale Game

Suburban Garage SaleSuburban Garage Sale. Hello there! Do you remember the Suburban housewives from the previous game? They were a group of very special ladies that take care about everything around them – their home, their family, and always look excellent because they love their job or let’s say their life dedication. Well those same ladies will show you that they have a sense for business too. The action of the game takes place at the same suburban but this time we have a different housewife as a main character. She has noticed that her neighbor is having a garage sale at her yard so she went there to see what’s going on. She comes to a conclusion that this is a perfect way to clean the house, getting rid of all unnecessary things that keep place in her home for many years.

Maybe she couldn’t decide to throw away those objects in the garbage because they are quite new, but selling them would be a Great thing – someone that needs them will buy them and she will have more space in her house, including some money earned by her. Our cute housewife comes home and starts preparing her own garage sale and first thing she got to do is to find the objects that could be used for this event. Once again our housewife have shown us that being a housewife does not mean to be a desperate one, while this concrete one also shows that being a housewife could be a paid job as well.

Suburban Garage Sale is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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