Hidden Valley 2 Game

Hidden-valley-2Hidden Valley 2. Another part of the amazing game called Hidden Valley, this time Hidden Valley 2. Actually this is the second part of the last game that also had Hellen as a main character. The game takes place on the island known as Hidden Valley and Hellen had a task to turn one desolate part of her island into a place equipped for living by building few objects. At this moment the island is already turned into a great touristic place where besides the people who live there, many people come to enjoy their holidays there all around the year.

Now, in this period of the year, it is winter. Even though it is about an island, the popularity of this island is growing more and more, and there are more and more people who like to live there, not just to stay there on their holidays. This time Hellen also likes to make something about the place so she decides to organize one sort of a sale of valuable but unnecessary objects. People who already live on this island will sell the unwanted objects from their homes with aim to collect enough funds for building new objects and habitats for the people who like to start living on this island.

It should be noted that the game play is based on collecting money for building new objects. Besides the levels there is also a price for job well done and a bonus level which is actually a match three level. Have fun!

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