Gardens of Gloom Game

Gardens of Gloom Gardens of Gloom. Irene is a very brave girl. A person that doesn’t accept the actual version of things. Always looking for what is hidden behind the surface. This characteristic has leaded her to her profession, making her really good as a journalist and a writer. Her curiosity and courage to explore has leaded her through numerous places, examining numerous stories. While her contemplative nature and the urge to look behind the obvious, has made her a good psychologist. But also a good writer, since noting down what she has realized is something that she always does very easily.

Lately Irene has a new obsession. Exploring paranormal activities. Actually she was always into this. She was always searching for evidences that there is a parallel world that exists aside from ours, where live the spirits of the late. This believing has matched with something she has heard few days ago – the Gardens of Gloom. According to people’s talking, from this garden often could be heard strange sounds, something like whispers and screams.

Some people have also noticed shadows that appear and disappear very fast. When they hear someone coming. And those stories were more than enough to wake up again Irene’s curiosity. And make her visit those gardens and start exploring what it is about. Let’s look at this story and learn something more about those paranormal activities.

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