Garage Sale Tracker Game

Garage Sale Tracker Garage Sale Tracker. Helen has a hobby that is not typical at all, even though it is not about something complicated or extravagant. She is a Garage sale tracker and if you have never heard about this profession before. Her work generally consists of looking for garage sale in her surroundings. Someone announces more publicly about those happenings. While some people don’t so Helen is always following what’s going on, looking for a new challenge.

When she finds some interesting garage sale in her surroundings. Helen buy cheap stuff from there, she takes it to the antique shop. And exchanges it with old valuable objects that are later sold on auction. This may sound strange for someone but Helen is actually earning excellent from her hobby but also she loves her hobby very much.

Today there is a very interesting garage sale in Helen’s town. She found out about this sale on time so she is at the place now, waiting to see what will be offered. She notices that there will be many interesting objects. So the search for those that are most appropriate for her and the antique shop may start right away. Let’s see together what is offered on this garage sale and help Helen find interesting and valuable things that will serve her.

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