Enchanted Cabin Game

Enchanted Cabin Enchanted Cabin. The fantasy of the young ones takes enormous limits. They could imagine everything and believe in it as it is something sacred, until some other fantasy gets its place. And that is, as a matter of fact, great because they actually simulate some real life situations and pass through them as if they were grownups, except if it’s about some completely imaginary situation. But also many things could be learned from imaginary situations too since they also work on the principle of reason and consequence, and once they are old enough, they will know what is for real and what isn’t.

For example Megan. She is this girl that you’ll meet in the following game. She is a girl that enjoys spending time in her grandma’s cabin. There is something magical about that place so every time she visits her, she feels like she is in a fairy tale. As Megan tells us, this morning her grandmother decided to re-organize the whole place and for Megan it looks like an enchanted place. The grandma also likes to take part in Megan’s games so this time she told her that she should be an enchantress, hiding all her wand toys all around the cabin.

This game would actually be about looking for looking for Megan’s magical wands. They are hidden all around the cabin, so we hope that with little effort you manage to find them all. Don’t waste our time, let’s start searching!

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