A Family Reunion Game

A Family Reunion A Family Reunion. Family connections are very strong, we can’t deny that. Even if we are not close with our relatives, it is good to give them a chance. We meet so many unknown people every day, and we share experiences with them all the time but we usually don’t know what kind of person are some of our relatives.

Well that isn’t a positive thing isn’t it? Aunt Rosie has thought about those things so many times. She is the oldest member of the Rogers family and she always insisted on keeping the family members together. This was a tradition held from the older, now late, members of the family and Aunt Rosie also believed in their principles so she continued this tradition with a lot of enthusiasm. Her aim is to help the relatives become closer and believes that this way she will make them richer persons, not with money but with many friends and experiences.

Every year the Rogers family organizes this family reunion and for the last years this event takes place in Aunt Rosie’s home. On those meetings all members of the family have a change to meet and talk about the things that have happened in their lives, the last year. Aunt Rosie listens to everyone really careful and enjoys seeing that everyone is doing fine in life.

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