Tortola Island Treasure Game

Tortola Island TreasureTortola Island Treasure. Have you ever visited Tortola island friends? It is definitely an interesting place to be and I am there for the first time. But the thing that makes this place even more interesting is the rumor that some pirates have hidden their stolen treasure on this island. That means a great adventure and a possibility to get some gold. But on other hand you have probably heard how well pirates hide their gold, so hard that sometimes even they could not find it!

Now it is up to you to research the whole area, every single place, in order to find the treasure. It is OK to take a rest on this island but that way you will stay away from all the adventure and that’s not so interesting isn’t it? When you start a level, observe carefully those items that are given in the list under the main picture.

Tortola Island Treasure is a free online hidden object game.

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