The Disappearance Game

The Disappearance The Disappearance. People look for inspiration in many things. The artists for example are willing to search for this thrill everywhere and they have empathy for things that happen around them. That’s how they manage to make perfect pieces, even though they haven’t felt something on their own skin. The inspiration comes from nice things but many times it also comes from suffering or some other people’s pain, but people accept those art pieces because people’s destiny could be different, sometimes very hard…

Joyce and Arthur are about to discover one great mystery. It is about the disappearance of the young 18th years old Emily who has disappeared one year ago from her home. From then till now, there is no single evidence that could explain her disappearance. The police did everything they can but it seems that it wasn’t good enough because they didn’t manage to solve the great mystery. The parents of the girl are also desperate but nothing goes further about this story.

Joyce is a journalist while Arthur is a writer. Both of them have one mutual wish and that is to finish this case. Joyce is famous by her crime articles that are published in the journal where she works while Arthur is famous crime writer. They look for their inspiration in those cases and that’s how they write their stories. They are willing to solve this case not just for them but also for this poor girl who has lost every trace.

The Disappearance is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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