Mysterious Traveler Game

Mysterious Traveler Mysterious Traveler. Even though it is about the most terrible dedication that ever existed. We have to admit that serial killers sometimes are very clever people. We don’t like to get into their brain and try to understand the reason why they are doing such terrible crimes. Because their crimes could not be justified by anything. But the fact that huge teams of professionals are exploring their murders and can’t get into their trace. Tells that it is about clever, even though sick people.

Steven is a detective that works for many years on a case about a mysterious killer. That already few years is terrorizing the citizens. Many people have witnessed about him. And according to their statements the police have made a photo robot but still they can’t find him. Last night in the city hotel checked a mysterious traveler. He looked suspicious by his own appearance. But soon it was realized that this person looks similar as the description of the serial killer made by the photo robot.

Steven has arrived in the hotel with hope that we would finally manage to get into the serial killer’s trace and catch him. However, before anything could be done. The detective has to look for every possible evidence and make sure that it is about the wanted person. Let’s take part in this complicated investigation and help Steven arrest the suspect and put an end to those terrible crimes.

Mysterious Traveler is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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